aircraft painting

Black Bear Aviation offers complete or partial aircraft painting for general aviation and business aircraft.  We pay very close attention to every detail of your new paint job.  We install new stainless hardware on panels and cowlings.

Our process includes:

* Aircraft pick up and delivery to and from BBA if requested by the customer

* Aircraft preliminary inspection upon arrival at BBA and a refinishing plan is established with owner requests and specifications

* All windows, antennas and composite components are protected using high quality 3M aluminum tape prior to paint removal

* Aircraft is stripped using aircraft quality paint stripper which has been treated for aircraft use and will not damage the aircraft or the environment

* High pressure high temperature wash is performed after stripping to remove all debris around rivets and skin seams.

* Removal of flight control surfaces, inspection covers, fairings, wheels, moulding, seals are removed to be replaced or painted separately

* Entire inspection of the aircraft is performed again after complete stripping and disassembly

*Acid etch is applied and scrubbed immediately followed by alodine

* Aircraft is primed using a high quality epoxy primer with in 48 hours of alodining

* 3 coats of Dupont Imron polyurethane topcoat is applied

* Striping is performed using the highest quality tape that will leave clean lines

* New stainless steel hardware for panels removed

* In house graphic design can produce any paint mask for any decal the customer requests

* Control surfaces are rebalanced prior to installation

* Graphic design work is included

* All required placards are replaced

* Up to 20 hours of dent and corrosion labor is included

* Final inspection is completed and aircraft is returned to service by well qualified individuals.


* Annual at discounted price

* STCs

* Partial or full interior

* Speed fairings

* Vortex generators