Float Repair Services

Although float flying is the best way to get around in general aviation, we sometimes misjudge the dock, hit a rock or other debris that we find on the lakes of Maine. 

Overhauling, repairing, rigging, removing, installing or painting of floats are some of the other services provided by Black Bear Aviation. If your floats have been damaged over the years by hitting the dock, hitting rocks or just from shoring it, bring it to Black Bear Aviation and we will repair any skins, keels or any other part that needs to be replaced or repaired. We will also store your floats for you during the winter months and when they are not in use. We have a very smooth and rock free grass strip that you can land on. For departures we have a trailer and truck you can take off from. Please email us with any questions.

Whether you have Aerocet, PK, EDO, Bauman, Wiplines or any other type of float, we will make sure that your floats are in shape for the float flying season. Amphibian floats are also on our list of specialties. Please contact us with questions or a quote for repairs today!